Student Assistance Counseling

Mrs. Lauren Patterson Garrett
Student Assistance Counselor

About Mrs. Garrett

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Birmingham-Southern College
Master of Education in Professional Community Counseling, The University of Georgia College of Education

Fun Fact:
I love to cook!

Favorite Book:
All the Light We Cannot See

My name is Lauren Patterson, and I am thrilled to be the counselor here at Altamont! I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Birmingham-Southern College, and then went on to receive my Masters of Education in Counseling from The University of Georgia. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), and an Associate Licensed Counselor (ALC). As a counselor, I operate from the philosophy that all individuals are good, strong, and capable of reaching their highest potential. I see it as my job to work with my clients to guide them to this point. Here at Altamont, it is my goal to help the students have the most successful and growth-filled experience possible! With issues like peer relations, body image, college applications, grades, and so much more, middle and high school can often seem overwhelming and anxiety provoking. However, given a safe and supportive space to confront and process these hurdles, both students and parents can see these years as more manageable and opportunity filled.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Student Support

The Student Support Team meets weekly to discuss student progress and communicates their recommendations with individual students, parents, teachers and advisors. Each student at Altamont has a faculty advisor, a teacher who is a genuinely interested adult advocate and friend. These advisors ensure that lines of communication always remain open among students, faculty and parents. In addition, each grade has two designated faculty sponsors who work with students to promote honor, relieve stress, keep grades in perspective, provide a forum for age-appropriate topics, and foster relationships within their class and with faculty.

Help Sessions

Help Sessions for those students who seek extra help in their classes are held in each of the core subject areas each week on the afternoon preceding the test day for that subject. Members of the faculty encourage students to take advantage of the resources which are provided for them, and are available for help throughout the school day.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is an effective teaching and motivational tool available for students who are struggling in one or more of their courses. Using teachers' suggestions and students' ideas to structure sessions, tutors help their peers understand concepts and build study skills. Peer tutors meet in the library once or twice a week before or after school.


If your student has received a diagnosis that impacts his or her performance in school, please contact Mrs. Garrett, and she can work with you to create an accommodation plan for your student.

Book of the Month:

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