Hot lunch will be served each day through a Grab and Go format.

In addition to the serving line in the Diner, we will have two additional portable lunch stations. All lines will serve the same food choices. Vegetarian options will be available each day.

Grade levels will be assigned a specific lunch line to always report to for lunch each day. Grade levels will be assigned a specific area to eat lunch in every day.

All tables in the building seat two students and are spaced as much as possible for social distancing. We encourage teachers to utilize outdoor spaces as much as possible for lunch, weather permitting.

Bottled water will be available for students at all serving lines. We encourage all students to bring their own refillable water bottle each day.

Students must stay in their assigned area for the entire 30 minutes of lunch. Students will be responsible for clearing trash and sanitizing tables at the end of the lunch period.

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