Teacher Appreciation Breakfasts

Below is the schedule for the year:
12th/10th Grades
Tuesday, September 11
11th/9th Grades
Tuesday, November 13
8th/6th Grades
Monday, February 5
7th/5th Grades
Monday, April 9

Most of you are familiar with this tradition but in case you are new to the role, here are some basic guidelines for the breakfasts:

* One week prior to your designated day, email your parents asking for baked goods, fruit trays, salty snacks, coffee (one large disposable container of regular and a small one of decaf) and paper goods. Some parents prefer to send money to offset costs and that is great.

* There are approximately 80 people to feed and you will need to provide paper plates, napkins and utensils (including knives to slice any breads or cakes).

* We use the teacher workroom, and there is no space to refrigerate items.

* Plan to arrive at school around 7:00 a.m. to set up coffee and food so that teachers can enjoy something before school starts. You may ask your student and his/her friends to collect items being dropped off, in carpool line, so that other parents do not have to park and come in.

* You are not expected to stay and man the breakfast table but it is nice to have someone stop in mid-morning and/or after lunch to keep things fresh and replenish supplies. Clean up after 3:15 p.m. to allow teachers time for an afternoon snack.