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Upper School Awards Ceremony
Julie Beckwith

On May 16, 2018, Altamont held its Upper School Awards ceremony in the Cabaniss-Kaul Center for the Arts. Below is a complete list of award recipients.

Book Awards
Every year, prestigious book awards are given to deserving juniors. Altamont enjoys longstanding relationships with the colleges and universities represented below and with alumni who honor us with their interest in our students.

Yale Book Award: Vivek Anthony Sasse
Harvard Book Award: Daniel Stephen Elston
Wellesley College Book Award: Mary Mozelle Davis
University of Virginia Book Award: Huan-Yu Chang
Washington & Lee Award: Asher Pankajbhai Desai
Smith College Award: Mary Allen Murray
Bryn Mawr Award: Chandni Patel
Salem College Book Award: Amelia Caroline Pak
Randolph College Book Award: James Nimmo Dixon
Hendrix College Book Award: Hampton Watson Walker

Ann Robinson Vrocher Alumni Scholarship: Annabel Mountain Davis
This award is given to a student who exemplifies the Altamont tradition of service, honesty, and school spirit and who is the son or daughter of an alumnus or alumna.

Nelson Scholar Award: Davis Smith
This award recognizes meritorious students who make notable contributions while maximizing extracurricular and academic opportunities.

Spirit, Leadership, and Citizenship Awards
Paul Nii-Amar Amamoo Award: Trinity Yael Perdue
This award honors alumnus Nii Amar Amamoo '97 and his unfailing sense of service to his school and his kind consideration of peers and teachers.

Margaret Gresham Livingston Leadership Award: Isabel Brownlee Coleman
This award is given to an outstanding upper school student who exemplifies the ideals of the Altamont school: truth, knowledge, honor, and a commitment to excellence. It honors the more than forty years of service to Altamont by Mrs. Margaret Livingston.

William Ransom Johnson Dunn III Award: Joseph Scott Brown
This award recognizes a student who has unselfishly served the school as a leader and helper, often without acclaim solely for the good of the school and the student body.

Altamont Citizenship Award: Marie Eliane Guyader
This award is given annually to the person who exhibits the greatest awareness of, and involvement in, the world around him or her.

Faculty Cup: Lela Angielene Sutton
This award is given to recognize exemplary student leadership within the school community.

Hardenbergh Wall Award for Leadership in Ethics: Helen Claire Tynes
This award recognizes leadership efforts through the Honor Court presidency and serves as a memorial to Jane Slaughter Hardenbergh.

Class Awards
The next three awards represent the highest awards that can be won by boys or girls in the 9th and 10th grades and by the most qualified girl in the 11th grade.

9th Grade
Donovan Award: Lauren Kellie Perry
This award
is presented annually to a student in the ninth grade for outstanding academic, athletic, and extracurricular achievement.

10th Grade
Smiley Award: Caroline Hendley Lee
This award is given to the outstanding tenth grade student who has achieved a notable academic record while also actively participating in extracurricular activities.

11th Grade
Allene Benners Martin Cup: Amrita Lakhanpal
The winner of this award is elected by a vote of the student body and faculty and must exhibit high personal standards combined with good grades.

Departmental Awards

Jane Porter Nabers Upper School poetry prize: Madeline Elizabeth Thomas
Mignon Comer Smith Book Award for most outstanding Upper School English student: Helen Claire Tynes
Brown University Alumni Book Award for a junior student who has excelled in language arts: Anna Kate Lembke
Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing: Rachel Elizabeth Wright
Lynn Clark Creative Writing Scholarship: Victoria Ellis
Hollins University Creative Writing Award: Annabel Mountain Davis

World Languages
Hallie Porter Shook Cup for outstanding Upper School student in the classical languages: Maximillian Renfro
Randolph College Classics Book Award for outstanding junior in Classics: Sara Catherine Cook
Hulsey Award for outstanding Upper School French student: Vivek Anthony Sasse
Jeanne Classe Armes De Paris Medal: Chenyi Zhu
David Hart White Spanish Award for outstanding Upper School Spanish student: Elise Marie Solazzo

John Wallace Johnston History Award for most outstanding Upper School history student: Catherine Anne Bamford
Katharine Ireland Mitchell Award for outstanding student in European History: Sameer Sultan
Margaret Matthews Gage American History Award for outstanding student in American history: Zoe Elisabeth Jacks

Mt. Holyoke Book Award to a girl in the junior class who has excelled in mathematics: Maya Sonpavde Guru
Clarice Locke Award for outstanding Upper School mathematics student: Matthew Soong Hamrick

Promising Young Scientist Award: Alexandra Marie Pritchard
Timothy Leon Morris Psychology Book Award recognizing exemplary work in psychology and behavioral science: Alessandra Sottosanti
Outstanding Life Science Book Award: Chenyi Zhu
Outstanding Physical Science Book Award: Benjamin Yeesh Tang
Bausch and Lomb Junior Class Science Award: Amrita Lakhanpal
Carver-Gorgas Senior Science Book Award recognizing an outstanding senior science student: Matthew Soong Hamrick

Fine Arts
Outstanding Upper School choir member: Emma Stella Gerety
Sophia Mize Clifford Award for outstanding musician: Nicholas Vaughn Parmer
Director's Achievement Award: Nicholas John Rutledge
Speech Arts Club recognizing a student who has distinguished herself in the area of speech and theatre: Maribeth McLean Bell
Outstanding Upper School Photography Award: Mary Mozelle Davis and Claire Cameron Lynton
Wheaton College Book Award in Art: Yu-Hsuan Chang
Gainey Arts and Humanities Award: Catherine Anne Bamford

Physical Education
Lily Cup for outstanding varsity soccer player: Matan Ronen Abrams
Joseph Wheeler Sewell Award, presented annually to a graduating female and male athlete who have excelled in varsity athletics: Catherine Shania Harris and Darian Simunye Sanders

Academic Awards
Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The Valedictorian award is given to the person in the class with the highest grade point average and an impeccable record. The valedictorian gives the class speech at graduation. This year the valedictorian is Nicholas John Rutledge.

The Salutatorian award is given to the student in the class with the second highest grade point average and an impeccable record. The Salutatorian traditionally opens the graduation exercises. This year's salutatorian is Matthew Soong Hamrick.

Highest Academic Average
9th grade: Kuleen Dominic Sasse
10th grade: Benjamin Yeesch Tang
11th grade: Vivek Anthony Sasse

Second Highest Academic Average
9th grade: David Patrick O'Brian
10th grade: Kyle Albert Hsu
11th grade: Asher Pankajbhai Desai

Miree Leadership Commendation
Catherine Bamford
Joey Brown
Fion Chang
Isabel Coleman
Matthew Curl
Ellie Guyader
Matthew Hamrick
Nicole Luthcke
Aaron Miller
Jeet Patel
Trinity Purdue
Nivedita Rao
Nicholas Rutledge
Elise Solazzo
Angie Sutton
Chenyi Zhu

Gold and White Cup
A tradition that is as old as Altamont is the Gold and White Team Competition. All students, when they arrive at Altamont, are named members of either the Gold or White team. Teams compete all year for points in academics, extracurricular successes, participation in various school activities, and specific color competitions during Homecoming and May Day. The Team Cup goes to the team with the most points for the year.

The Gold Team captain is Matan Abrams and the co-captain is Allie Ritchie.

The White Team captain is Evan Poole and the co-captain is Thomas Hitt.

The 2018 winner of the Team Cup is the White team.

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