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Taylor and Schedler win Ackermann Scholarships
Laine Williams

Congrats to Isabelle Taylor and Margaret Schedler for winning the middle school and high school Ackermann scholarships! These scholarships honor the teaching legacy of Joyce Ackermann. For 25 years (1964 -1989), she inspired English and Creative Writing students at Brooke Hill and Altamont.

Isabelle is passionate about literature and an excellent writer. She helped lead a breakfast club book club during quarantine to give students a space to read and socialize.

Margaret loves to wrestle with and discuss how literature is a reflection of the human condition. A published/award-winning poet and talented academic writer, Margaret is the managing editor and an investigative reporter for The Acta Diurna, Altamont’s school newspaper.

On a side note, both Isabelle and Margaret’s moms had Mrs. Ackermann as a teacher during their time at Altamont. Isabelle’s mom is Elizabeth Delzell Taylor ’88 and Margaret’s mom is Amanda Adams ’86.

With enthusiasm, insight, and wit, Mrs. Ackermann shepherded her students through a range of challenging literature from Dante’s Inferno to Moby Dick, from Canterbury Tales to The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Don Quixote, teaching them to appreciate the genius of the authors and their reflections on human nature. In her classes, students learned to express themselves clearly in essay writing and were encouraged to create their own fiction and poetry. These scholarships provide tuition assistance to a middle and high school student who has been recommended by his or her current English teacher as someone who loves to read and discuss literature.

Also included in this photo is head of the English department Larry McCain, former French teacher Jeanne Classé and interim head of school Tom Bendel.

Congrats, Isabelle and Margaret! #altamontproud

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