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Student Service Spotlight
Caroline Lee

Seventh grader Arthur Ander's Little Library was recently added to Meadowlawn Park in Cahaba Heights. In Mr. Tsivourakis' sixth grade English class, students are assigned a service project paper that coincides with the novel After the Dancing Days. Arthur took his service project a step further. On Monday, August 14, Arthur's project actually went into the ground! Arthur's project is a little library—a small, stand-alone structure, open to the public to share and trade books.

Arthur explains that his project is more than just a service project: "The little library can be anywhere—think a park, public space, or lawn. It is a sort of 'library on the go,' allowing people to borrow or swap a book out. It encourages reading and fights illiteracy. It is something that improves the community. It is something for people to enjoy and use for free. When I started out, I intended to make the library happen, whether it made it to a park or just my front yard. I really wanted to share my love of reading and add something to the community. I was ecstatic when Vestavia Hills Parks & Recreation agreed to let my lending library live in Meadowlawn Park. I want others to enjoy it and to help improve Meadowlawn Park."

Arthur says his inspiration for the project came from his own passion for reading: "My lending library shares something I love with others, so they can discover it and maybe love it, too. I hope that in the future, more people create these lending libraries. I hope that this cycle will continue. I think that this project could inspire more lending libraries to be constructed and have the movement grow bigger than it was before. I had seen many lending libraries prior to this project. When it came time to do the English service project, I remembered the little free library and decided to build one. If not for Mr. T, I would have not had this opportunity."

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