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Scholastic Art & Writing Regional Awards Announced
Julie Beckwith

The Scholastic Art & Writing competition is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens in grades 7–12. This year, the competition received nearly 350,000 works of student art and writing, which were juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts.

Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

We are so proud of the 47 Altamont students who are 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Southeast Region-at-Large award recipients. Recipients of the Gold Key award advance to Scholastic's national competition in March.

Writing Awards

Sarah Patrick Barze
Gold Key, short story, "Shedding the Pain"

Margarette Berdy
Gold Key, short story, "A Racket's Recollections"

David Borasino
Silver Key, critical essay, "Why You Should Drive an Electric Car"

Lucine Carsen
Gold Key, short story, "American Dreams"

Mason Coleman
Gold Key, short story, "Best Served Cold"

Ellen Davis
Honorable Mention, humor, "Me: On TV"

Parker Denson
Gold Key, short story, "The Abyss"

Lilly Bea Dyson
Silver Key, poetry, "The Gardener"

Helen Ezelle
Silver Key, short story, "Empty"

Akshay Gaddamanugu
Honorable Mention, journalism, "The Downfall of NASCAR in America"

Sophia Graham
Gold Key, short story, "Caved"
Gold Key, poetry, "Glass Box"
Gold Key, short story, "Hairband"
Gold Key, dramatic script, "Letters"

Emma Kirkpatrick
Gold Key, short story, "Reagan"

Finn Leonard
Silver Key, poetry, "iPhone Xr"

Stella Linde
Silver Key, short story, "The World Underneath Me"

Will Lisenby
Silver Key, short story, "The House"

Olivier Maloney
Silver Key, short story, "My End"

Liam McNeil
Honorable Mention, short story, "Ax"

Caileigh Moose
Silver Key, short story, "Lost in the System"

Surina Prabhu
Honorable Mention, poetry, "Daggers"
Silver Key, short story, "An Explanation"
Gold Key, poetry, "The Nature of Things"

Lauren Rogers
Gold Key, poetry, "Shoes"

Margaret Schedler
Silver Key, poetry, "Dandelions"
Silver Key, poetry, "Melpomene,"
Silver Key, poetry, "When I Close My Eyes"
Honorable Mention, poetry "Lucid"

Michael Schmalz
Honorable Mention, short story, "Happy and Sad Tears"

Keegan Thrasher
Honorable Mention, poetry, "Life Is Plentiful, with Exceptions"

Claudia Williams
Gold Key, poetry, "Arlington"

Art & Photography Awards

Simms Berdy
Honorable Mention, photography, "A Dream Unrealized"
Honorable Mention, photography,"Internal Conflict"
Silver Key, photography, "The Senator"
Silver Key, photography, "Pax Americana"
Silver Key, photography, "The School Counselor's Office"

Josiah Brock
Honorable Mention, photography, "A Zulu Love"
Honorable Mention, photography, "Body Positive"
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Existential Crisis"

Lucine Carsen
Honorable Mention, photography, "Stereotypes"

Sophie Cornelius
Honorable Mention, drawing & illustration, "Freckle Bugs"
Honorable Mention, painting, "Beneath the Surface"
Silver Key, editorial cartoon, "Sudan Massacre"

Mia Dunlap
Silver Key, drawing & illustration, "Adolescence"

Bud Gidiere
Gold Key, photography, "Beijing Air"

Carson Hicks
Silver Key, digital art, "Aged in mind"

Mary Carter Laney
Silver Key, photography, "Foolish"

Jack Langloh
Honorable Mention, photography, "Everyone has a Shadow"

Jonathan Lewis
Honorable Mention, photography, "Sand Piper"

Kate Lowe
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Blue"
Honorable Mention, photography, "October"

Austin Lyall
Honorable Mention, photography, "Prison"

Isabella Maldia
Honorable Mention, photography, "Stairway to Knowledge"
Silver Key, photography, "Downward Spiral"

Spencer Marcum
Silver Key, photography, "The Comeback"

Jeff McLane
Silver Key, photography, "An Old Bridge"
Silver Key, photography, "Looking up at Your Life"

Ava Muller
Honorable Mention, photography, "Dreamer"
Honorable Mention, photography, "United"
Silver Key, photography, "Hidden"
Silver Key, photography, "Man and Fire"
Silver Key, photography, "Grasp"

Emily Muller
Silver Key, photography, "Ascend"

Emerson Neely
Honorable Mention, photography, "Joy"
Honorable Mention, photography, "Hand-Me-Down-Tune"

Elizabeth Patterson
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Navaja Nation"
Silver Key, photography, "Identity Crisis"
Silver Key, photography, "Waves"

Josh Potter
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Anger"

Caroline Prince
Honorable Mention, photography, "Southern Kitchen"
Silver Key, photography, "Dogs Behind Bars"

Priya Soni
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Stargate Traveler"

Kalia Todd
Silver Key, photography, "Awaiting"

Audrey Williams
Silver Key, printmaking, "Visiting a Windy Beach"

Zoe Winslett
Honorable Mention, drawing & illustration, "Wonderment"

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