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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Announced
Julie Beckwith

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens in grades 7–12. In 2017, students submitted more than 330,000 works of art and writing to the Scholastic Awards. Submissions are juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

Regional Awards

Gold Key
The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national–level recognition

Silver Key
Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Honorable Mention
Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

Altamont congratulates the following art and writing students who are 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Southeast Region-at-Large award recipients.


Adele Benson
Honorable Mention, Poetry, "A Giant Board Game"

Arden Campbell
Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, "The Queen Bee"

Yu-Hsuan (Fion) Chang
Silver Key, Short Story, "Under the Mango Tree"
Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Fleeting Youth"
Honorable Mention, Poetry, "The Quest"

Tai-Wei (Ruby) Chin
Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, "The Language of Orchids"

Annabel Davis
Gold Key, Poetry, "Revelations"

Tori Ellis
Gold Key, Poetry, "Wasteland"

Matthew Hamrick
Gold Key, Personal Essay & Memoir, "Calculus Hits the Road"
Silver Key, Poetry, "That Dr. Daring"

Abby Lee
Silver Key, Poetry, "A Poor Man's High Rise"

Beverly Perkins
Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir, "Flipping, Falling, Fallen."

William Register
Silver Key, Poetry, "Procrastination"

Samantha Torch
Silver Key, Poetry, "Her Pink Buttons"


Jane Battle
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Through Her Eyes"
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Experiment Picasso"

Aryan Caplash
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Strings"
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Family On The Court"

Liliana Chambless
Silver Key, Photography, "Grace"

Mimi Davis
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Fall Away"

Ariel Dean
Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, "Ariel"

Siddharth Doppalapudi
Silver Key, Mixed Media, "Sid"

Meghan Goyal
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Perspective"

Marci Henderson
Gold Key, Photography, "Dove"
Silver Key, Photography, "From, Emily."

Frances Isom
Silver Key, Photography, "Red"

Zoe Jacks
Silver Key, Digital Art, "A Spirit in Reflection"
Silver Key, Digital Art, "Flight of the Flightless"
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Breakthrough"

Ashley Johnsen
Silver Key, Photography, "White Noise"
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Landed on Mars"

Jojo Kelly
Honorable Mention, Photography, "A fork in the road"

Meg Larkin
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Intersection"

Abby Lee
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "First Kiss"

Justin Lewis
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Jelly Jiggle"

Claire Lynton
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Portal to the Other Side"
Honorable Mention, Photography, "El Bailarín más Joven"

Breland Morrissette
Honorable Mention, Photography, "14"

Ava Muller
Silver Key, Digital Art, "Outsider"
Silver Key, Digital Art, "Save the Arts"

Emily Muller
Gold Key, Photography, "Drag Race"
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Cuban Chevy"

Elizabeth Patterson
Honorable Mention, Photography, "The New World"

Caroline Prince
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Love of Music"

Jehme Pruitt
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Unity"

Mary Carolyn Sink
Gold Key, Digital Art, "Watercolor"

Wesley Sudarshan
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Flying"

Brody Taylor
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Church of God"

Alexine Triest
Silver Key, Photography, "A Prosperous Journey"
Honorable Mention, Photography, "Treasure of the Sea"

Mary Elisa Wagner
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "The Meaning of Masks"

Audrey Williams
Gold Key, Mixed Media, "Audrey"

Walker Wilson
Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Adventures in the Lost World"

Our photography students also performed well at two other competitions: Double Exposure and the South Eastern Regional High School Art Competition.

Mimi Davis: Double Exposure, $125 cash prize, "He loves me, he loves me not"

Ashley Johnson: Double Exposure, $250 cash prize, "White Noise"

Amrita Lakhanpal: Double Exposure, Honorable Mention, "Second Self"

Jehme Pruitt: South Eastern Regional High School Art Competition, Outstanding photograph, "The New American Woman"

Carlisle Wilson: Double Exposure, $125 cash prize, "Dancers"

Sofia Gaitan Wolfe
: South Eastern Regional High School Art Competition, Honorable Mention, "The Rapture"

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