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National Honors Society and Mu Alpha Theta
Laine Williams

Congratulations to the new inductees to the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta!

National Honors Society:

Altamont's chapter of the National Honor Society promotes and encourages enthusiasm for superior scholarship, exemplary qualities of character, trustworthy leadership, and a willingness to serve. Members are chosen by a faculty council based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service.

Arthur Anders

Madeleine Beckwith

Zoe Browning

Arden Campbell

Temple Coleman

Ariel Dean

Siddharth Doppalapudi

Dima Reem Gambino

Pranav Goli

Colin Hatcher

Ocllo Kuwica

Samuel Linde

Sarah Miller

Lila Mitchell

William Overton

Finn Pak

Sydney Porter

Joshua Potter

Caroline Prince

Savitri Sasse

Ingrid Smyer

Anderson stone

Wesley Sudarshan

Sophia Sultan

Walker Wilson

Zoe Winslett

Manish Yalamanchili

Vinay Yerramsetti

Iman Zuberi

Sam Choun

Anna Foweather

Noraa Maxey

Greyson Parham

Thomas Hitt

Spencer Marcum

Ethan Sellers

Mary Catherine Touloupis

Mu Alpha Theta:

Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school mathematics society. The requirements for membership at Altamont include a high honors grade in two consecutive or concurrent courses of high school mathematics and successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry.

Bay Stackpole

Lilla Carroll

Matthew Mugweru

Merritt Edwards

Alan Alderson

Josiah Brock

Jojo Kelly

Kate Leeth

Ava Muller

Jack Nichols

Greyson Parham

Annagrace Parmer

Isla Steinman

Madeleine Beckwith

Pranav Goli

Ocllo Kuwica

Lila Mitchell

Finn Pak

Noah Warren

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