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Middle School Science Fair Results
Julie Beckwith

Altamont students in 6th and 7th grade spent fall semester preparing and implementing science projects in a wide array of areas. Posters detailing their work were presented to the community at the 2019 Altamont Middle School Science Fair in the Livingston Gallery on Wednesday, January 23. A group of judges from the Birmingham and Altamont community evaluated the students' projects.

Congratulations to the following science fair winners. They will represent Altamont at the Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Recreation Center on March 2, 2019.

Social and Behavioral Science
Sophia Graham 1st
Liam Crenshaw 2nd
Harris Strang and Mark Hanna HM (HM= Honorable Mention)
Claudia Williams HM

Raju Sudarshan 1st
Caitlin Cornelius and Lucine Carsen 2nd
Mason Coleman 3rd
Alexander Skowronski 3rd
Will Lisenby HM
Lucas Newton HM
Brian Moose HM

Computer Science
Sohana Caplash 1st

Energy and Transportation
Krishna Wilby 1st
David Borasino 2nd

Engineering, Environmental and Earth
Kate Nichols and Merritt Fulmer 1st
Frances Overton and Caileigh Moose 1st
Izzy Sellers and Talia Floyd 2nd
Helen Ezelle 3rd
Margarette Berdy and Maya DeValk HM
McNair Shah HM

Medicine and Health
George Benson 1st
Ryan Vance 2nd
Ethan Wilson 3rd

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