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Julie Beckwith

On May 9, 2017, Altamont presented Middle School Core Value awards, departmental honors, Service Corp awards, and awards for the highest academic average and the second highest academic average for each grade level. Participants in the C. Kyser Miree Ethical Leadership Center LEAD program were also recognized during the ceremony. Below is a complete list of award recipients.

Core Value Awards
Altamont's mission is "to improve the fabric of society by graduating compassionate, well-educated individuals capable of independent thinking and innovative ideas." Over the last two years, Altamont faculty and students have identified five core values and supporting statements for each that support our mission. The Middle School faculty selected students from sixth through eighth grade who embody these qualities inherent in each core value.

We enable students to align their passions with their strengths as they discover the arts, pursue athletics, and delve into academics in a manner that both equips them with skills to navigate life's varied circumstances, and promotes personal growth, emotional health, and physical well-being.
6th grade: Toby Conn
7th grade: Houston Alford
8th grade: Lauren Perry


We nurture intellectual curiosity and independent thought by celebrating learning, discovery, and innovation. We encourage our students to ask questions, seek truth, and put ideas into action.
6th grade: Lila Mitchell and Lewis Rand
7th grade: Jeffrey Youngson
8th grade: Basil Stackpole


Because we embrace integrity as the heart of Altamont's mission and our Honor Code as the center of our school culture, we challenge students to demonstrate honorable words and deeds, to make courageous choices, and to exhibit personal responsibility at all times.
6th grade: Zoe Browning
7th grade: Ava Muller and Liam Spokes
8th grade: Eleanor Roth


We foster every student's unique capacity to lead and improve society through active discourse, student-driven initiatives, and service to others.
6th grade: Caroline Prince
7th grade: Annagrace Parmer
8th grade: Matthew Mugweru


We value and have compassion for every individual in our diverse community. Through our curriculum and school activities, we emphasize the importance of respecting and understanding cultural, religious, intellectual, and social differences that constitute our global and local societies.
6th grade: Madeleine Beckwith and Sarah Miller
7th grade: Adele Benson
8th grade: Simms Berdy

Highest Academic Average
5th grade: Caileigh Sullivan Moose
6th grade: Madeleine Noelle Beckwith
7th grade: Audrey Lauren Williams
8th grade: Kuleen Dominic Sasse

Second Highest Academic Average
5th grade: William Patton Lisenby
6th grade: Jacob Alexander McMahon
7th grade: Jeffrey Mitchell Youngson
8th grade: Lauren Kellie Perry

Departmental Awards

Jane Porter Nabers Poetry Festival Prize: Sophia Grieco
Mignon Comer Smith Book Award for most outstanding English student: Eleanor Roth

World Language
Francina Benejam Award for most outstanding Spanish student: Juliet Cabraja
Whiteside Cup for most outstanding Latin student: Jackson Swanner
Pignarre Cup for most outstanding French student: Jeffrey Youngson

Robert Morring Award for most outstanding 7th grade geography student: Robert Hanna
John Wallace Johnston Award for most outstanding history student: Kuleen Sasse

Robert L. Johnson Award for most outstanding mathematics student: Uzma Issa

Warren R. Splitt Award for most outstanding science student: Lauren Perry

Performing Arts
Most outstanding choir member: Emma Lembke
Most outstanding 7th/8th grade musician: Matthew Poczatek
Most outstanding drama student: Anja Trierweiler

Fine Arts
Most outstanding photographer: Margaret Doyle
Most outstanding artist: Margaret Huffman

Service Corp Awards
Collectively, Altamont faculty and students in grades 5-12 have logged over 3,520 community service hours. The following Middle School students have earned awards based on their hours of service:

Gold Medal (100+ hours of service)
Merritt Edwards
Juliet Cabraja
Kalia Todd
Kaia Todd
Kuleen Sasse

Silver Medal (75-99 hours of service)
Maaz Zuberi

Bronze Medal (50-74 hours of service)
Zoya Bashir
David O'Brien
Anja Trierweiler

8th grade LEAD program participants receiving Miree Commendations on Commencement certificates
Michael Bakir
Gage Bell
Simms Berdy
Juliet Cabraja
Maggie Doyle
Merritt Edwards
Uzma Issa
Isabella Maldia
Matthew Mugweru
Lauren Perry
Eleanor Roth
Bay Stackpole
Samantha Torch
Anja Trierweiler
Tyler Walley
Maaz Zuberi

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