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Julie Beckwith

The National French Contest, Le Grand Concours, is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students of French in all 50 states and internationally take a written test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds for prizes.

Congratulations to the following Altamont students for their outstanding scores:


Gold Medalist: Lauren Perry

Silver Medalists: Reese Alexander, Mamie Grace Barnard, Simms Berdy, Sophie Cornelius, Lily Davis, Cece Guyader, Eleanor Roth, Vivek Sasse, Carlisle Wilson, Jeffrey Youngson

Bronze Medalists: Madeleine Beckwith, McLean Bell, Annabel Davis, Marcelo Gaitan, Sophia Grieco, Robert Hanna, Kyle Hsu, Kate Leeth, Maya Leonard, Aly Pabani, Amelia Pak, Robert Pritchard, Anderson Stone, Sophia Sultan, Rachel Wright, Chenyi Zhu

Honorable Mentions: Gage Bell, Adele Benson, Amelia Carmichael, Alyssa Christian, Temple Coleman, Mia Dunlap, Jack Engel, Kate Ennis, Sofia Gaitan-Wolfe, JoJo Kelly, Caroline Lee, Lizzie Maxey, Mary Allen Murray, David O'Brien, William Overton, Annagrace Parmer, Lewis Rand, Caroline Randall, Bud Riley, Lawson Robinson, Camden Siegal, Liam Spokes, Nyasia Surani, Samantha Torch, Kennedi Washington


Receiving Top 10 ranking in Alabama:

1st: Madeleine Beckwith

2nd: Marcelo Gaitan, Lauren Perry, Vivek Sasse, Sophia Sultan

3rd: Anderson Stone, Rachel Wright, Chenyi Zhu

4th: Amelia Carmichael, Cece Guyader, Amelia Pak

5th: Reese Alexander, Jeffrey Youngson

6th: Lily Davis, Maya Leonard, Mary Allen Murray, Caroline Randall, Bud Riley, Eleanor Roth

7th: Temple Coleman, Sophie Cornelius, Kyle Hsu

8th: McLean Bell, Annabel Davis, Sophia Grieco, Claire Lynton, Lizzie Maxey, William Overton, Lewis Rand, Carlisle Wilson

9th: Mamie Grace Barnard, Simms Berdy, Parker Carmichael, Mia Dunlap

10th: Kate Leeth, Robert Pritchard, Kennedi Washington

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