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Latin Convention Results
Julie Beckwith

Altamont students dominated the 2018 Alabama Junior Classical League convention, hosted by Oak Mountain High School on April 6-7. The school's 24 medal winners doubled our closest competitor. Congratulations to the following students on their fine performances:

First Place
Josiah Brock - Heptathlon level 2
Arden Campbell - Vocab I
Suneeti Chambers - Derivatives I
Isabel Coleman - Extemporaneous Essay
William Dixon - Geography II
James Gregory - Greek and Roman History II
John O'Brien - Advanced Geography
Chandni Patel - Advanced Mythology
Max Renfro - Advanced Greek and Roman History
Sameer Sultan - Advanced Mottoes
Lisa Zhu - Advanced Derivatives
Max Renfro, Kuleen Sasse, Asher Desai, and Jeet Patel - Certamen

Second Place
Catherine Bamford - Extemporaneous Essay
Asher Desai - Advanced Derivaties
Wei Shiow Fong - Advanced Mottoes
Bud G - Geography I
Bay Stackpole - Advanced Mythology
Beverly Perkins - Customs II
Brody Taylor - Greek and Roman History I
Noah Waren - Mythology I

Third Place
Braden Hoke - Mottoes I
Albert Tang - Mythology I
Morganne Wever - Customs II
Ashlynne Wever - Advanced Heptathlon

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