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JV Scholars Bowl Team Wins National Championship
Julie Beckwith

Altamont's JV Scholars Bowl team, comprised of Benjamin Tang, Asher Desai, Vivek Sasse, Kuleen Sasse, Henry Chang, and Ahad Bashir and coached by Dr. Andrew Nelson, won the 35th Annual National Academic Championship in New Orleans, Louisiana!

The championship match, held on May 29, 2017, came down to the very last question. Altamont dominated early in the competition, but fell behind as the contest progressed. The Altamont team only knew its standing when the announcer called, "final question and Altamont for the win." Team captain Vivek Sasse gave the correct answer—Copernicus—to secure the championship.

Congratulations Benjamin, Asher, Vivek, Kuleen, Henry, Ahad, and Dr. Nelson!

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