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Fall Athletic Awards
Julie Beckwith

Altamont held several assemblies during the months of November and December to honor athletes competing in fall sports. Congratulations to the members of our volleyball, cross country, and fall soccer teams and their coaches. Go Knights!

Boys Varsity Cross Country Team (State Champions):
Pins: Talal Aal, Ahad Bashir, Gage Bell, Harris Blackstone, Francisco Carnaggio, William Denniston, Asher Desai, James Dixon, William Dixon, Jack Engel, Legion Gaston, Shawn Goyal, James Gregory, Kyle Hsu, Davis Leeth, Dylan Lyall, Jack Nichols, David Niederweis, Robert Pigue, Lewis Rand, James Shepherd, Spencer Skidmore, Aaron Swiney, Benjamin Tang, Wilson Tynes, Tyler Walley, and Wint Yerby
Lettering: Jeff McLane and Davis Smith
Participation: Dan Eggers, Josh Potter, and Gordi Tenev

Most Improved: Wint Yerby
Palmer Award: James Gregory
Coaches' Award: Asher Desai

Girls Varsity Cross Country Team (State Runner Up):
Pins: Adele Benson, Arden Campbell, Sophie Cornelius, Ariel Dean, Merritt Edwards, Sofia Gaitan-Wolfe, Meghan Goyal, Zoe Jacks, Amrita Lakhanpal, Caroline Lee, Emily Muller, Mary Allen Murray, Camille Oliver, Elizabeth Patterson, Surina Prabhu, Allie Ritchie, Tatianna Sanders, Bay Stackpole, Sofia Tipple, Samantha Torch, Ashlynne Wever, and Morganne Wever
Lettering: Jaye Conn, Toby Conn, Caileigh Moose, and Nyasia Surani
Participation: Lilla Carroll and Kate Rivas

Most Improved: Camille Oliver
Palmer Award: Ariel Dean
Coaches' Award: Caroline Lee

Girls Varsity Volleyball Team (Top-Three State Finish):
Pins: McLean Bell, Claire Lynton, Amelia Pak, Chandni Patel, Abby Sharff, Kendall Smoke, and Kalia Todd
Lettering: Isabella Brown and Meg Larkin

Best Offense: Claire Lynton
Best Defense: Abby Sharff
Most Improved: Chandni Patel
Coach's Award: Claire Lynton

8th Grade Volleyball Team:
Amelia Carmichael, Lilly Bea Dyson, Mia Dunlap, Amelia Goeman, Annie Gregory, Ocllo Kuwica, Frances Overton, Caroline Randall, Margaret Schedler, and Kennedi Washington

Most Valuable Player: Ocllo Kuwica
Most Improved Player: Amelia Carmichael
Coach's Award: Frances Overton

7th Grade Volleyball Team:
Sarah Patrick Barze, Vishwa Chaudhari, Maya Davis, Helen Ezelle, Merritt Fulmer, Mary Carter Laney, Kate Lowe, and Kate Nichols

Most Valuable Player: Maya Davis
Most Improved Player: Mary Carter Laney
Coach's Award: Helen Ezelle

Middle School Boys Soccer Team:
Roscoe Bare, David Borasino, Turner Ezelle, Carl Grahs, Adam Hemingway, Matt Kuwica, Liam McNeil, Scott Melville, Brian Moose, Jay Pickett, James Stephens, Johnny Stumpf, Alexander Skowronski, Albert Tang, and Caden Williams

Most Valuable Player: Brian Moose

5th and 6th Grade Cross Country Team:
George Benson, David Borasino, Jia Chaudhari, Roland Cook, Liam Crenshaw, A.J. Gallitz, Zahid Issa, Olivier Maloney, Jenevieve McNeil, Brian Moose, Jay Pickett, Joe Porter, Claire Short, Mose Stephens, Harris Strang, Abby Swiney, Cash Turner, and Krishna Wilby

Most Valuable Player: Harris Strang

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