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Altamont Students Shine at National, State Science and Math Competitions
Julie Beckwith

Altamont teams and individual students have had strong showings in recent science and math tournaments. We are proud of these students and their accomplishments.

Washington University in St. Louis Chemistry Tournament
Benjamin Tang, Wilson Tynes, Robert Pigue, Maaz Zuberi and Ahad Bashir represented Altamont at the national Washington University Chemistry Tournament (WUCT) in St. Louis, Missouri, April 6. Benjamin brought home a 15th place award in the individual exam, Benjamin and Wilson finished with a 5th place win in the two-person exam, and the full team won 8th overall.

WUCT is a national high school chemistry competition that emphasizes real-world applications of science and encourages problem-solving and teamwork skills. Last year, 48 teams from 14 states, participated in the tournament.

State Alabama Science and Engineering Fair Results
The 2019 state-level Alabama Science & Engineering Fair (ASEF), was held April 4-5 on the campus of the University of Alabama Huntsville. ASEF is Alabama's premier forum for students to present their original research and interact with professional scientists from UAH, NASA, U.S. Army, and local research companies.

Congratulations to our students:
Sohana Caplash: Naval Science Award for Math & Computers
Sophia Graham: Behavoral and Social Science, 2nd place
Lucine Carsen and Caitlin Cornelius: Medical, 3rd place
Krishna Wilby: Chemistry, 3rd place; United States Army Special Award
Raju Sudarshan: Biology 3rd place
Alexander Skowronski: Biology, 4th place; Huntsville Botanical Gardens Special Award

Math League and MathCounts
McNair Shah, Albert Tang and Sid Doppalapudi had outstanding performances at the Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Math League competition in early April. In their grade levels in the state, McNair and Sid placed 1st, and Albert placed 4th.

Sid also placed second at the state MathCounts competition held in Huntsville on March 23. He will attend the national competition in Orlando in May on Alabama's four-person team. This is Sid's third straight year representing Alabama at the national tournament.

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