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Altamont Solo Competition Results
Julie Beckwith

Auditions for the Altamont Solo competition were held on Thursday, November 9, 2018. Winners of the competition were selected by guest judge Jay Tumminello, who is a professional musician and sound designer, arranger, and composer for Red Mountain Theatre Company. We are pleased to announce the following winners and students receiving honorable mention. Winners will perform during a school-wide assembly in the Cabaniss-Kaul Center for the Arts on December 12.

Congratulations to all of our students on their incredible performances.

Upper School:
Winners: Surina Prabhu, Henry Chang, McLean Bell, Emma Lembke, Mary Allen Murray, Daniel Eggers, and Abby Lowe. Honorable Mention: Gordon Tenev, Eleanor Roth, Amelia Neiman, Claire Buha, and Cricket Davis.

Middle School:
Winners: Maddy Grier Hinds, Caitlin Cornelius, Sohana Caplash, and Toby Conn. Honorable Mention: Sophia Graham, Claudia Williams, and Shifa Jalali.

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