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Altamont Middle School Students Shine on National Math Test
Julie Beckwith

Results are in from the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8), which is a national competition run by the Mathematical Association of America for students "with a passion for problem-solving" in 8th grade and under. We are so proud of 8th grader Albert Tang, who placed 1st at Altamont and in the top 5% nationally; 8th grader Caileigh Moose and 6th grader Nandhini Gutti, who tied for 2nd in the school and placed in the top 25% nationally; and 7th grader McNair Shah, who placed 3rd in the school and in the top 25% nationally.

The material covered on the AMC 8 includes topics such as counting and probability, estimation, proportional reasoning, Geometry including the Pythagorean Theorem, spatial visualization, everyday applications, and reading and interpreting graphs and tables.

Congratulations Albert, Caileigh, Nandhini, and McNair!

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