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Altamont Junior Selected as Alabama Bicentennial Ambassador
Julie Beckwith

Alabama commemorates its 200th anniversary of statehood this year. Eleanor Roth '21 is one of approximately 30 members of the Alabama Bicentennial Student Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of students from various schools around the state. As part of her responsibilities, Eleanor took over the Alabama200 Twitter account last week @al200 to showcase the Altamont community with interviews of Mr. Goldsmith '94 and Ada Cook '21.

Eleanor will have the opportunity to work with the larger state committee as an ambassador for different Bicentennial events leading up to Alabama Day, December 14, 2019.

According to John Orr, the leader of committee:
"The mission of Alabama 200 is not only to delve into our rich history, but to also inspire younger generations and lay the foundation for a more prosperous and vibrant future. With this goal in mind, we have formed the Alabama Bicentennial Student Advisory Committee (SAC) to give younger voices the opportunity to step forward and shape the next few months leading up to Alabama's official 200th birthday. SAC will be a small group comprising student leaders who represent some of Alabama's best and brightest. Members of the committee will embody the diversity in our state and will fully represent our varying geographic areas and regions."

Congratulations Eleanor, and thank you for doing a wonderful job of representing our school at events around the state!

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