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Julie Beckwith

Local business Eagle Solar and Light has installed a multi-paneled solar array on the middle terrace between Altamont's track and the back of the school building. This array, the first of what the school hopes to be many more, will provide approximately one-fifth of Altamont's daytime energy consumption. Sam Yates, president of Eagle Solar and Light, estimates the solar array will generate approximately 22,110 kilowatt-hours a year. The solar array is the first of its kind at a Birmingham middle or high school.

"The new solar arrays will not only help us reduce our monthly consumption of power, they will also provide many outstanding educational opportunities for our students. Altamont's Global Initiative theme for this academic year is 'Energy Resources and Climate Change,' the solar arrays are one more way we can express that theme and incorporate environmental stewardship into the culture, and practices, of our school," says Head of School Sarah Whiteside.

Eagle Solar and Light will be furnishing Altamont with a learning kiosk that will show real-time energy generation metrics from the new solar arrays.

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