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Altamont Excels at State Latin Convention
Julie Beckwith

The Alabama Junior Classical League State Convention was held Friday, March 1- Saturday, March 2, 2019 on the campus of Samford University. Congratulations to our students on their outstanding performances.

State Champion Certamen Team
Asher Desai, Wei Shiow Fong, Kuleen Sasse, Maddie Thomas

State Champions
Asher Desai – Ancient Geography (Advanced)
Asher Desai – Greek & Latin Derivatives (Advanced)
Asher Desai – Greek & Roman History (Advanced)
Wei Shiow Fong – Mottoes, Abbreviations, Phrases, Quotations (Advanced)
Yun Ya Fong – Art – 2-D Watercolor
Will Lisenby – Classical Mythology (Level I)
Beverly Perkins – Roman Private Life & Customs (Advanced)
Bay Stackpole – Classical Mythology (Advanced)
Noah Warren – Classical Mythology (Level II)
Audrey Williams – Heptathlon (Advanced)

2nd Place
Arden Campbell – Mottoes, Abbreviations, Phrases, Quotations (Level II)
Ada Cook – Extemporaneous Essay (Advanced)
Chandni Patel – Classical Mythology (Advanced)
Kuleen Sasse – Latin Grammar (Advanced)
Maddie Thomas – Art – Charcoal Drawing
Audrey Williams – Mottoes, Abbreviations, Phrases, Quotations (Advanced)

3rd Place
McLean Bell – Extemporaneous Essay (Advanced)
Arden Campbell – Latin Vocabulary (Level II)
Ariel Dean – Greek & Latin Derivatives (Level II)
Ariel Dean – Mottoes, Abbreviations, Phrases, Quotations (Level II)
Wei Shiow Fong – Classical Mythology (Advanced)
Travis Franklin – Ancient Geography (Level I)
Kuleen Sasse – Greek & Roman History (Advanced)
Vivek Sasse – Ancient Geography (Advanced)
Wilson Tynes – Mottoes, Abbreviations, Phrases, Quotations (Advanced)
Noah Warren – Ancient Geography (Level II)
Ashlynne Wever – Heptathlon (Advanced)
Morganne Wever – Roman Private Life & Customs (Advanced)

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