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28 Students Win 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Laine Williams

The Scholastic Art & Writing competition is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens in grades 7–12. This year, the competition received nearly 350,000 works of student art and writing, which were juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts.

Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

We are so proud of the 28 Altamont students who are 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing award recipients. The Art awards are for the Southeast Region-at-Large and the Writing awards are for the Alabama Writing Region. Recipients of the Gold Key award advance to Scholastic's national competition this spring.

Writing Awards

David Borasino
Silver Key, science fiction and fantasy, "The Editors"
Silver Key, short story, "Wildebeest"

Lucine Carsen
Honorable Mention, short story, "A Little Girl's Balance"
Gold Key, American Voices Nominee, short story, "Intro Class"

Mason Coleman
Silver Key, short story, "Revenge, Not as Satisfying as it May Seem"

Olivier Maloney
Silver Key, short story, "Sunshine"
Gold Key, science fiction and fantasy, "The Wandering Flame"

Sterling McDonald
Honorable Mention, short story, "The Apocalypse"

Matthew Mugweru
Honorable Mention, critical essay, "A Look into the Passive yet Effective Threats to Southern White Supremacy"

Joseph Porter
Silver Key, personal essay and memoir, "The Moment"
Gold Key, science fiction and fantasy, "The Rule of the Machines"

Wyatt Sawyer
Silver Key, short story, "An Unknown City"
Silver Key, science fiction and fantasy, "The Dark Hallway"

Izzy Sellers
Silver Key, short story, "A Losing Race"
Silver Key, personal essay and memoir, "ADHD and Me"
Silver Key, flash fiction, "Change in Color"
Gold Key, critical essay, "Should Beauty Pageants be Banned?"
Silver Key, critical essay, "What Society does to Women"

Claudia Williams
Silver Key, poetry, "Blind"
Silver Key, poetry, "Kamille"
Silver Key, poetry, "Robin"

Art & Photography Awards

Margarette Berdy
Gold Key, photography, "Virus Bearing Down"

Aryan Caplash
Honorable Mention, photography, "Happiness in the Dark"

Lucine Carsen
Silver Key, photography, "American"
Gold Key, photography, "Only the Broken Know Peace"

Temple Coleman
Honorable Mention, painting, "English Cottage"
Silver Key, digital art, "Winter Cabin"

Lily Davis
Honorable Mention, photography, "Empty"

Talia Floyd
Honorable Mention, photography, "Discrimination"
Honorable Mention, photography, "Give Me Mercy"
Silver Key, digital art, "Lonely Nights"
Honorable Mention, digital art, "No Judgement"
Silver Key, photography, "The Pain You Give Us"

Merritt Fulmer
Silver Key, photography, "The Chevy"

Sophia Graham
Honorable Mention, mixed media, "Human Error"

Carl Grahs
Honorable Mention, photography, "Bham"

Carson Hicks
Silver Key, digital art, "Meaningless Mornings"
Silver Key, digital art, "We the People"

Matthew Mugweru
Gold Key, photography, "Portrait of a New Normal"
Gold Key, photography, "Solo Protest"
Gold Key, photography, "The Gateway"

Ava Muller
Honorable Mention, photography, "Last Resort"

Lauren Prince
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Alternative Realities"
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Pandemic"

Mary Spann
Honorable Mention, photography, "Perfect World"

James Stephens
Honorable Mention, photography, "Game of the Centuries"

Madeline Stephens
Honorable Mention, digital art, "Hidden"

Kalia Todd
Gold Key, photography, "Not Silenced"
Gold Key, photography, "Spoken but not Heard"

Cash Turner
Silver Key, photography, "Real Housewives"

Ryan Vance
Honorable Mention, photography, "Broken World"
Silver Key, photography, "Do You Hear Us?"
Gold Key, photography, "Do You See Us?"
Silver Key, photography, "Family Matters"
Gold Key, photography, "Justice Delayed"

Audrey Williams
Silver Key, mixed media, "Breaking News"

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