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Julie Beckwith

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens in grades 7–12. Altamont has 15 Scholastic Writing Award winners!

7th and 8th Grade Winners:

Adele Benson (Honorable Mention:Poetry "Colorful Hope")

Liliana Chambless (Honorable Mention:Poetry "Stranger" and "The Last Rainy Day")

Margaret Doyle (Silver Key:Poetry "Semi-Poetic Ramblings from Mrs. Gaede's Class," "Dust," "Floods," "While You Can," "In Gym Class," and "The Bakery")

Meghan Goyal (Honorable Mention:Poetry "Puzzle")

Jojo Kelly (Honorable Mention:Poetry Human Poetry: A Collection of Poems)

Beverly Perkins (Silver Key:Poetry Poetry Collection)

Bijou Phillips (Silver Key:Poetry "I Miss You Grandpa")

Ella Pigford (Silver Key:Poetry "Tea Party")

Mary Carolyn Sink (Honorable Mention:Poetry "Make Up Your Mind")

Samantha Torch (Honorable Mention:Poetry "Drowning in Oceans")

Upper School Winners:

Catherine Bamford (Silver Key:Short Story "Rosella" and Honorable Mention:Short Story "Tales of a Hitchhiker")

Jhilam Dasgupta (Honorable Mention: Poetry "The Brass Band")

Annabel Davis (Honorable Mention:Poetry "The Enemy," "They Sleep," and "Our Blessed Love")

Tori Ellis (Gold Key: Short Story "The Shadow of Bryce Wellington")

Ellie Vance (Honorable Mention:Short Story "Thinking of You")

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