Your financial contributions to the Altamont School support the people and programs that make Altamont the great school that it is: talented teachers, small classes, library and instructional resources, technology, enriching arts and athletics programs, and much more.

Other Giving Opportunities

More Ways to Give Back

Planet Fundraiser

A Birmingham based App makes giving to Altamont easy by shopping at businesses near you. Just download the app, select Altamont, shop at supporting merchants, take a picture of your receipt, submit it and a percentage is given to Altamont each month. On the app you will find the list of participating merchants near you and the percentage they select to give back.

Publix Partners

To earn money for Altamont, simply sign up for Publix Partners, select your school (Altamont!) then enter your phone number whenever you check out at Publix to support the school. No more scanning cards – just enter your telephone number to earn money for the school when you shop. Thank you for participating in Publix Partners.

For more details, visit www.Publix.com/Partners

Box Tops for Education

Altamont earns 10¢ for each Box Top redeemed! Just clip the Box Top coupons from your groceries and send the coupons into school with your child. You can earn cash for Altamont by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. For a list of items, please visit www.boxtops4education.com. Box Tops for Education has helped America's schools earn over $475 million since 1996.

Amazon Smile

You shop. Amazon gives. When you shop at http://smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate to your favorite charitable organization – The Altamont School. The process of selecting your organization is easy and you only have to do it once.

Instructions: Visit the link above. 1 of 2 things will happen: 1) You will be prompted to sign in to your account OR 2) you will be asked to select a charity. Search for “Altamont School” and the School will immediately pop up. Click SELECT and automatically moving forward 0.5% of your purchases will be donated back to the School. Thank you so much!

The Altamont Fund

Your gift to The Altamont Fund provides the latest technology in the classroom, more class options than ever before, amazing arts and athletics programs, and an abundance of extracurricular activities. What you give to our students will be returned to you one day through their contributions to the community.

Strong participation in the Altamont Fund is a key to the success of Altamont. Each and every gift is a powerful statement to the impact of Altamont. Become involved. Please give to the Altamont Fund today.

If you would like more information on the Altamont Fund, please contact:

Dee Grisham
Annual Giving & Special Events Associate

Ways to Give Financially

Gifts of Cash

Monetary gifts are always appreciated! A gift given by check or cash will allow you to receive an income tax deduction in the year the gift was made. Please make checks payable to The Altamont School:

The Altamont School
Development Office
P.O. Box 131429
Birmingham, Alabama 35213

Gifts of Stock and Other Securities

Donating gifts of appreciated securities to Altamont that have been held for more than one year enables you to:

  • Avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the stock
  • Qualify for the tax deduction equal to the stock's full fair market value
  • Make a larger gift than might be possible otherwise

Let us know when you plan to make a gift. We will not know to expect your gift unless you notify us. We want to note your giving record and properly thank you for your generosity.

Contact Amber McKowen, Director of Finance at 205-445-1202 or
Charlotte Russ, Director of Advancement at 205-445-1225.

or have your broker contact:

Bonnye Paul or Bryan Morgan at Merrill-Lynch, 205-326-9699
Altamont DTC #: 8862
Altamont Merrill-Lynch Acct #: 52404G35

Matching Gifts

You can double or triple your gift if your company or business has a matching gift program. Not only does Altamont benefit from your increased donation, but also you might qualify for a higher giving level when your company matches your gift. Click here for a list of businesses with matching gift programs or contact your human resources department to see if there is a program in place.

Planned Giving

The Altamont Legacy Society

Have you ever thought about including Altamont in your estate plan? Through thoughtful estate planning with your lawyer or advisor, you can leave a gift to Altamont that will endure.

Gifts in Memory/ Gifts in Honor

Gifts to Altamont are a wonderful way to memorialize a special loved one or to honor a special time in someone's life. Such gifts are fully tax-deductible, and the person or family in whose name the gift is being made will receive a special card acknowledging the gift and the giver.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts of goods and services are welcomed.

FAQ about Giving

Q: My family is already paying tuition... What does my child get when we make financial contributions to Altamont?

A: Your financial contributions to the Altamont Fund support the people and programs that make Altamont the great school that it is: talented teachers, small classes, library and instructional resources, technology, enriching arts and athletics programs, and much more. Your child’s education is financed by both your tuition and Annual Fund gift. Because tuition only covers approximately 80% of our operating budget, charitable gifts are a necessary part of Altamont's healthy financial profile. Unlike tuition, contributions to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible and allow each family to give at a meaningful level to which they are able.

Q: How much should I give to the Altamont Fund and how much of a difference can my gift really make?

A: Ideally, current parents, grandparents, parents of alums, faculty, staff and friends identify Altamont as one of their top philanthropic priorities and recognize that their contributions make a significant impact. Altamont Fund gifts range from $10 to more than $15,000. We encourage families to consider giving at the Leadership Gift level of $1,000 or more, if they are able. Leadership gifts ensure that we raise the necessary additional funds for our students above and beyond what tuition covers to support our program, faculty, and facilities. Your gift can have a large impact on our School. Your participation encourages others to give, helps the School receive foundation grants, and sends a message to our community that Altamont does make a difference. Every gift counts!

Q: When should I make my Altamont Fund gift or pledge?

A: The earlier we receive your gift, the earlier we can put it to work for all our students. We encourage all families to make their pledges by December 31st, though payments are accepted until June 30th.

Q: Is Altamont eligible for Employer Matching Gifts?

A: Yes! Please ask your employer about Matching Gift Programs that support K-12 schools. This is a great way to double and sometimes triple your gift to Altamont.

Q: How can I help?

A: First, as an ambassador for the school, your positive endorsement of the program to the broader community helps attract and retain mission-appropriate students.

Second, encourage others, such as grandparents who want to support the School and its mission, to contribute to the Altamont Fund.

Third, the success of our Altamont Fund is dependent upon volunteers. We invite you to join us. Please contact our Advancement Department to learn more about how to become involved. Thank you!

Contact Us

Charlotte Russ
Director of Advancement

Dee Grisham
Annual Giving & Special Events Associate