Lunch proudly served by your dedicated lunchroom staff each day in Altamont's very own 50's diner-themed dining hall!

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Again this year is our Grab and Go program for 7th-12th graders. We will have disposable plates on the hot line, salad bar, and sandwich bar that you can fill and take to designated eating areas around the school.

Designated eating areas for Grab and Go include:
student center
Señora Leonard’s room
Knight’s Nook
poet’s corner
outdoor classroom
front of the building
tables in front of diner

Be sure to throw away all your trash and keep these areas clean.

Disposable plates, cups, and utensils are not to be used in the diner or picnic area.

All students, faculty, and staff are reminded that ALL lunchroom food and drinks, grab and go or otherwise, are FOR LUNCH ONLY. No food or drinks should be taken out of the diner except for lunch. Follow the rules to keep this privilege in effect!