In order to establish an environment of trust and honor at The Altamont School, the Honor Code stresses individual integrity.

The Honor Code is essential to the fulfillment of Altamont's mission. Its tenets are simple: to not lie, cheat, or steal; they allow students to establish sound moral and ethical standards that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Honor is habitual. The more it is practiced, the easier it becomes. Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the school community, Honor is taught, discussed, and lived.

Perhaps English Teacher Jim Palmer '70 best sums up Altamont's dedication to Honor: Where else do you find a high school with a student-operated Honor Code? Where else do students rise when an adult enters the classroom, and thank the teacher at the end of class? Walt Whitman once said, "Make good people. The rest follows." We make good people at Altamont. Altamont's mission , most of which I am proud to have written, includes that we strive "to improve the fabric of society." I believe passionately that we do this, that society improves a little with every class of seniors that we graduate. If I did not believe this, then I might as well be selling shoes... I am perhaps proudest of our Code of Honor, that when seniors walk down our halls for the last time, they will realize that even more than all the wonderful things they learned inside books here, that honor is the heartbeat of Altamont.