Sports Medicine

In accordance with Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) regulations, all student athletes must complete the following forms in order to participate in school sports.

Sports Participation Forms and Information

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Sports Medicine Helpful Information

Athletic Training Facilities

Information for Visiting Teams


We are looking forward to your visit to Altamont and would like to help you in any way possible. A list of equipment provided during your visit are listed below. The Athletic Training Room is located in the south end of the main gym and will be open 45 minutes prior to game time for your convenience. You must bring your own taping supplies if an Athletic Trainer will not be accompanying your team. There will be a Certified Athletic Trainer on site for all Varsity events. Often one our Team Physicians will be present, and at a minimum, will be on call. We hope your visit to Altamont is a safe and enjoyable one. Please don't hesitate to contact us is you need anything.

Archie Johnson, Athletics Director
Matt Kirkpatrick, Head Athletic Trainer

What Altamont Provides

  • water with cups
  • ice and bags
  • someone to tape/wrap- please provide equipment (tape, pre-wrap, etc.) if possible
  • moist heat packs (Volleyball and Basketball)
  • towels
  • emergency equipment (AED, splints, etc.)
  • hot and cold whirlpools (Volleyball and Basketball)
If you have any other needs while your team is visiting, please contact Head Athletic Trainer Matt Kirkpatrick at mkirkpatrick@altamontschool.org

Contact us:

Matt Kirkpatrick, Head Athletic Trainer, mkirkpatrick@altamontschool.org

Archie Johnson, Athletic Director, ajohnson@altamontschool.org