Band and Orchestra

Our orchestra students traveled to Atlanta for the National Adjudicators Invitational where they received a score of "Excellent."

Altamont holds many fine arts events on campus every year, including orchestral and jazz band concerts, banquets and showcases. Our students also travel into the Birmingham community to perform at local elementary schools. They have the opportunity to participate in groups ranging from large ensembles to small quartets and to take numerous classes including Jazz Band, Music Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music History/Theory, Music Technology and Composition, Video Production and Sound Recording.


Starting as early as fifth grade, our students learn the language of music and music's design and structure. They perform choral music from all periods and truly begin to express themselves through singing. Specialty concerts are performed twice a year.

In addition, to the opportunity to take eight years of vocal instruction, Altamont students can participate in musical theatre and in our annual solo competition.