Welcome alumni of Birmingham University School, Brooke Hill, and Altamont! As alumni, you represent a remarkable collection of approximately 2,600 people linked by shared experiences and the important formative influences of Altamont. As graduates of B.U.S., Brooke Hill, and Altamont, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association.

Altamont Alumni Association

The goal of the Altamont Alumni Association is to create and foster a sense of community among the former students of Altamont, Brooke Hill, and the Birmingham University School as well as parents, friends, faculty and administrators of The Altamont School. Through this extended community, the Association will strive to identify specific needs of the school and organize members to meet those needs.

1. Create alumni connection to the school by participating in and attending events at the school.

  • The C. Kyser Miree Ethical Leadership Center Interviews
  • Alumni Lunch and Learns
  • Plays, sporting events, etc.

2. Build, convene, and celebrate the Altamont alumni community through events that celebrate Altamont.

  • Battle of the Brains
  • Homecoming
  • Altamont Alumni Holiday Party
  • High-profile accomplishments of Altamont alumni

3. Serve as ambassadors for and to the school by sharing Altamont with your communities.

  • Tell your story about why Altamont matters to you
  • Share positive news on social media
  • Serve as alumni role models
  • Encourage your fellow alums to participate in events

Alumni Board Officers

President: Donald Robinson ‘98
Vice President: Claudia Carcelen ‘07
Treasurer: Carolyn Kezar Galgano ‘04
Secretary: Lawrence Perry ‘14

Alumni Board

Ms. Ashley C. Adams '16

Mrs. Heather A. Arceneaux (Alby) '87

Ms. Uche' A. Bean (Afrika) '07

Mr. Patrick Brannon '00

Ms. Claudia Carcelen '07

Mr. Phillip J. Carroll '08

Mrs. Jeanne Classe (honorary)

Mr. William L. Cook '15

Mr. R. Jordan Davis '16

Mrs. Cathleen D. Ellington (Elliott) '97

Dr. Priscilla G. Fowler '89

Dr. Carolyn Galgano (Kezar) '04

Mr. Cameron Givianpour '08

Mrs. Edith T. Grant (Turnipseed) '06

Mr. John M. Gray III '03

Mr. Leeth Grissom '86

Mrs. Terry Hamilton (Taylor) '65

Mr. Samuel D. Haskell '96

Dr. Anna J. Hrom (Johns) '05

Mr. Hugo Isom '82

Mr. Daniel W. Jones '99

Ms. Lynn N. Joseph '61

Dr. Stephen Kelly '94

Dr. Nicholas J. Kentros '07

Ms. Clementine L. Kennedy (Lacey) '08

Mrs. Kathryn B. Lasker (Baker) '76

Mrs. Haley Lewis (Colson) '04

Ms. Laura G. McCraney '07

Mrs. Joyce G. McKinnon (Butterworth) '03

Mr. Evan C. Miller '07

Mr. Christopher J. Nicholson '99

Mrs. Loyer A. Osbun (Ager) '65

Mr. W. Neal Owens '06

Mr. Ralph Patton (honorary)

Mr. Lawrence Perry '14

Ms. Alaina N. Pineda '05

Mrs. Mary Katherine Quinlan (Stump) '03

Mrs. Rhiannon Reed (Deierhoi) '02

Dr. Donald Robinson '98

Ms. Emily Schultz '01

Mr. James O. Screven IV '07

Ms. Leigh Sloss-Corra (Sloss) '76

Capt. Edward F. Thomas '08

Ms. Ann R. Vrocher (Robinson) '67

Mr. H. P. Whiteside, Jr. (honorary)

Mrs. Sarah W. Whiteside (honorary)


2021-22 Alumni Board Meetings

All meetings are at 5:30 p.m.
Jan. 25
March 15
May 17

Dec. 8, 2021 Agenda
May 18, 2021 Agenda

Alumni Association Bylaws

Contact Us

Stephanie Brooks
Director of Advancement
205-879-2006, ext. 1225