New Student Information

Welcome to the New Student Information Page! This page provides everything new students need to be ready for school in the fall.


Mathematics & Foreign Language Placement Assessments

The first step toward a successful year is to make sure all newly enrolled students are placed in the appropriate level mathematics and foreign language classes. In order to do so, we ask all students to take assessments. These assessments do not affect students’ standing with the school. Rather, they ensure students begin the year in the classes most suitable to their current mathematics and foreign language skill levels. There is no foreign language placement assessment for students entering the 5th grade.

Students entering 5th grade do not take math placement tests. Because we accept students from many different schools, Course 1 exposes students to a variety of different math curriculums. We use Course 1 as an opportunity for students to learn, review, and hone the key math skills they will need for Course 2 and Pre-Algebra. This includes an emphasis on the problem solving skills needed for solving word problems. If you have any questions, please e-mail placement director Pattie Bank at

CLICK HERE to register for the placement test.

Summer Required Reading

Click the link below to find the reading list for the grade you will be entering. Each list indicates what book is required reading and how many additional books from the list are to be read before school begins. Each reading list will be updated mid-May, so be sure to review if you have printed a list prior to these updates. Reading Lists

Summer Math Packets

Each student is to complete the summer math packet for the math course he or she will be entering in the fall. The Course I math packet is optional. All math packets can be found on the right side of this page.

Project Week Information

If entering grade 10 or above, please click below for information on 2017 Project Week Trip offerings.

Project Week Offerings 2017

PE Clothes

PE shirts are ordered through an online vendor. Orders have already been filled for the 2017-18 school year. If you were not able to place your order, please contact Coach Keith at

Order Textbooks

Order textbooks using your child's course list. You will receive a course list and further instructions on ordering textbooks at the end of June.

Important Dates to Know

2017-18 School Year

- Mid-July: Receive textbook list used to purchase your child's books. This is not a complete schedule of classes and only includes those classes which require books
- Mid-July: Online bookstore opens
- Mid-July: Receive letter notifying that online log-in will be sent soon via email and what this log-in enables you to do
- Last week of July: Receive online pre-registration instructions
- August 15: New Parent/New Student Orientation
- August 18: First day of classes

Buying Books
MBS Online Bookstore

Summer Reading
Reading Lists

Summer Math Packets
Algebra I
Course 1 (OPTIONAL)
Course 2
Algebra 2
Calculus AB
Calculus BC

Curriculum Guide
Curriculum Guide

Course Request Forms
Click here for Course Request Forms

Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements