The Altamont School offers a generous merit, fellowship, and legacy award programs. Of the current student body, approximately 17% received some form of merit awards and approximately 15% received some form of fellowship and legacy awards for the 2017-18 school year.


Merit and Endowed Scholarships are intended to attract students with exceptional academic ability and leadership achievement. Applicants must be admitted to Altamont. Merit and Endowed Scholarships are competitive and awarded annually. They are renewable as long as the student continues to meet Altamont’s standards for “Honors” academic performance, leadership and personal conduct. The Scholarship Committee will not consider an application from anyone who is not in good standing with the School.

Altamont has an endowed scholarship fund, made possible through the generosity of individuals and companies. These donors believe that lives can be changed with an Altamont education and have ensured that generations of deserving students will reap the benefits.

How to apply for Merit and Endowed Scholarships

  • Apply to Altamont and be admitted. An admission packet is available in the Admissions Office. To schedule a visit, call 205-445-1232.
  • Submit a Merit and Endowed Scholarship Application with your application to Altamont.
  • Have your child write a 500 word personal essay and include that with your application. The purpose of the essay is to get to know your child and his or her achievements.

Students must be in good standing with the School to be considered for Merit and Endowed Scholarships.


One-time scholarships are awarded by the Head of School to promising new students who exhibit exceptional academic ability and leadership potential, regardless of financial need. Decisions on these awards will be made from the regular admissions applications. No separate applications are necessary.


Harry Courtney Bagby, Jr. Scholarship - This scholarship is endowed in memory of an Altamont student killed in his sophomore year. Each recipient is to possess those qualities that made Court an outstanding person: intelligence, diligence, and unfailing amicability.

The Betty Caldwell Scholarship - This scholarship is dedicated to a Brooke Hill and Altamont teacher of English and drama who retired in 1991. Her ability to challenge her students intellectually as well as entertain them with her dramatic presence and imagination made her a favorite of Brooke Hill and Altamont students for many years.

The Elizabeth Brooke (Blackburn) Carpenter Fund for Young Women - This scholarship sponsors Altamont female students with financial need. Brooke Hill alumnae remembered "Mrs. B" among their first teachers and endowed this scholarship fund in her honor in 1993, the 50th anniversary of Brooke Hill's first graduation. Mrs. Carpenter was brought to Birmingham in 1940 by parents who sought for their daughters an excellent college preparatory education. The Girls' Preparatory School was in 1941 named The Brooke Hill School for Mrs. Carpenter's father Tucker Brooke, a well-known English professor and Shakespearean scholar at Yale.

Liberty National Scholarship - This scholarship Fund, endowed by Liberty National Life Insurance Company, provides tuition scholarships for African-American students who demonstrate the skills, aptitude, abilities, and desire to succeed at The Altamont School.

Mary Jemison Grover Scholarship - Family, friends, and students endowed this scholarship in memory of alumna of Brooke Hill School who served as a beloved member of The Altamont School faculty. Mary Grover believed a scholarship fund to be the very best way to perpetuate memorials. By continuing to provide scholarships to students at the School, we can assure that her enthusiasm for education will continue.

Prize and Achievement Scholarships - Prize Scholarship winners regularly have 99 percentile scores on the ISEE and high honors grades. Achievement winners regularly have high ISEE scores, high honors grades, and some outstanding achievement.

Scholarships for Children - This scholarship plan, endowed by a loyal Altamont family, provides financial assistance to students. The Board of Trustees awards scholarships annually to students who meet the requirements of the School.

Scholarship for Student Merit - The Scholarship for Student Merit is endowed by a Birmingham family who is loyal to Brooke Hill and Altamont. The scholarship will provide tuition assistance to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in academics and/or the arts. Achievement can be evaluated on test scores, grades, and/or excellence in a particular field. Renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the student upholding the values that are stated in the mission of Altamont. Students who have been enrolled at Altamont for at least one year and are entering the 8th through 12th grades will be considered. This is so that Altamont can witness the growth and drive of a student before awarding this important scholarship.

South Highlands Hospital Association Scholarship -Dr. Arthur M. Freeman arranged these scholarships to be awarded in the spirit of South Highlands Medical Center, which provided excellent service to the Birmingham community and the contiguous vicinity for over 80 years. These scholarships are awarded without reference to class, color, creed, or gender. The educational opportunities afforded by these scholarships follow the same principle of non-discrimination.

Ruth M. Strong Scholarship - Dr. Ruth M. Strong, a noted southeastern educator, celebrated the graduation of two grandsons, Pettus '97 and Justin '02, from Altamont by giving a substantial gift to the Altamont endowment fund. The interest from this investment is used to aid deserving African-American students.


Altamont Legacy Awards

These awards are given to students who possess personal integrity, strong character, leadership potential and academic excellence. Legacy Awards are presented to qualifying students who are also children or grandchildren of alumni and alumnae of Birmingham University School, Brooke Hill, or Altamont. These awards are given regardless of financial need. Recipients are also eligible for other awards as well as financial aid.

Altamont Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards are presented to qualifying students who possess personal integrity, strong character, leadership potential, and academic excellence. These awards are given regardless of financial need. Recipients are also eligible for other awards as well as financial aid.

How to apply for Legacy and Fellowship Awards

  • Submit an application and be admitted to Altamont. An admission packet containing all necessary materials is available in the Admissions Office. To schedule your visit to Altamont, call the Admissions office at 205-445-1232.
  • Submit the Fellowship or Legacy Award Application with your application to Altamont.

Students must be in good standing with the School to be considered for a Fellowship or Legacy Award.