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Affording Altamont

Tailored Tuition

We understand that the cost of an excellent independent school education requires a financial commitment from your family. With tailored tuition, an Altamont education is more affordable than you might think.

Tailored tuition takes into account each family's unique income and expense portfolio and adjusts tuition accordingly. Applicants submit information for a confidential financial assessment. Following that analysis, a tuition recommendation is made and reviewed by our admissions team.

Tailored tuition offerings are made separately from admissions decisions and are based on availability. Application for both should be made concurrently. Preference will be given to those applicants who complete the process by Jan. 24.

Our goal is to put an Altamont education within reach of all families who want exceptional academic and extracurricular opportunities for their children.


38% of current Altamont families pay reduced tuition. Explore your options below.

Please note that according to Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) rules any student who enrolls at any tuition-charging school after the start of his or her Seventh Grade year and receives any financial award (including both need-based tailored tuition and merit scholarships) is not allowed to play on a junior varsity or varsity athletic team for an entire school year.

Payment Plan Options

We offer several payment options, all administered by Blackbaud Tuition Management.One payment: Full payment is due by April 1 for the school year beginning the following August. A $200 discount is given for full payment. Families selecting the one payment option will automatically receive an invoice in March.

Two payments: One half of the total tuition is due by April 1 for the school year beginning the following August, and the balance is due on or before September 1. A $100 discount is given for two payments. Families selecting the two payment option will automatically receive an invoice in March and August.

Monthly payments: Payments are due on the first day of each month beginning April 1 for a period of twelve months for the school year beginning the following August. Families selecting the monthly payment plan must enroll in Blackbaud Tuition Management.

Affording Altamont Contacts

Amber McKowen

Director of Finance

Bettie Fletcher
Assistant Director of Finance

Kathy Cox
Tailored Tuition Coordinator

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