Upper School

Altamont’s Upper School encourages students to take charge of their learning, their experiences, and their community. Because we define success as much more than a high GPA, our happiest students are our busiest: those who take advantage of new opportunities and learn to balance academics and extra-curricular activities. Advisors, teachers, and administrators support that balance, and as a result, Altamont graduates cite their relationships with teachers as one of the most rewarding aspects of an Altamont education. The trust built among faculty and students affords great privileges and responsibilities that prepare students for a principled life beyond Altamont.

We encourage our students to follow their interests, solve problems, be respectful of others, and strive to improve the fabric of society. Every Altamont student’s experience is different, so the question is: what kind of Knight will you be?


There are seven periods in the schedule. All seven classes meet on Mondays and on Fridays. Five (longer) classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and four classes meet on Wednesdays (due to the late start and X period).

A full credit course will meet all year long, four days per week: a 50-minute class on Monday, two 75-minute classes among Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a 50-minute class on Friday. Each course drops one of the three middle days.


Graduation Requirements

All listed graduation requirements must be completed after 8th grade. No courses taken during 8th grade or earlier can count towards satisfaction of a graduation requirement.

Total Core: Students are required to have at least 20 credit hours total in non-elective courses in the areas of English, History, Science, Math, and World Languages.

Total Credits: Students are required to have a total of at least 24 credit hours over the four years of Upper School. (This is a consequence of our study hall policy, which limits students to one full study hall period per year.)

Sample Schedules

Sample Course Request Forms


Note: Students may complete only the following courses in summer school at Altamont to apply toward graduation requirements: Honors Geometry, Honors Ancient & Medieval Civilizations, and Public Speaking.

Sample Course Request Forms