Upper School

Altamont’s Upper School encourages students to take charge of their learning, their experiences, and their community. Because we define success as much more than a high GPA, our happiest students are our busiest: those who take advantage of new opportunities and learn to balance academics and extra-curricular activities. Advisors, teachers, and administrators support that balance, and as a result, Altamont graduates cite their relationships with teachers as one of the most rewarding aspects of an Altamont education. The trust built among faculty and students affords great privileges and responsibilities that prepare students for a principled life beyond Altamont.

We encourage our students to follow their interests, solve problems, be respectful of others, and strive to improve the fabric of society. Every Altamont student’s experience is different, so the question is: what kind of Knight will you be?

Recommended Curriculum

The following is the recommended curriculum for the four years of the Upper School for major courses (meeting four times per week) and required courses. Students are encouraged to take electives in addition to the required courses. Students can vary from this recommended sequence only with the written permission of the appropriate head of the department and the advice of the Director of College Counseling.

The schedule allows for students to take up to seven major courses at a time. However, we do not recommend this load. Students should consult with their teachers, advisor, and the Director of College Counseling in deciding upon their courses and load.

Graduation Requirements

Over the course of the ninth through the twelfth grades, students must accumulate a minimum of 23 1⁄2 credits; they must include 20 major courses (a major course meets four times per week; a minor course meets twice per week and is a half credit). Students must meet departmental requirements in English, World Languages, History, Mathematics, Science, Fine Arts, Health/Physical Education, and Speech in grades 9 to 12. The requirements are:

Note: Students may complete only the following courses in summer school at Altamont to apply toward graduation requirements: Honors Geometry, Honors Ancient & Medieval History, Laboratory Techniques, and Speech.

The Academic Policies Committee unanimously approved two revisions to the school’s existing study hall policy, effective as of the fall of 2010-11. First, students are limited to four study hall periods per week. Second, except for seniors in good academic standing, all students will be required to remain in their study halls throughout the year.

Note: We strongly recommend that students take four years of both Mathematics and Science. Consult with the Director of College Counseling when making that decision.

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