Summer at Altamont

May 28-Aug. 2, 2019

Open to rising 1st through 12th graders

Summer is the perfect time to try something new, dive deeper into a current interest, fine tune math and English skills or fulfill required courses in a more relaxed environment. Altamont offers a wide array of quality classes, taught by our outstanding faculty, that are both educational and fun.

Registration and course information


High School Credit Courses

High school credit courses for rising 9th-12th graders include the Altamont-required half-credit course in Speech. Full-credit courses are offered in Honors Geometry and 9th grade Honors Ancient and Medieval Civilizations.

Elective and enrichment classes

For rising 3rd-10th grade students summer class offerings include photography, art, music, theater, writing, cooking, driver’s education, and language exploration, as well as enrichment classes in math and English.

Sports Camps

Our popular basketball and soccer day camps are open to players of all skill levels in rising 1st-12th grade.

Whether it’s enrichment, enlightenment or entertainment, Altamont has what your child needs most this summer: something constructive to do.

Frequently Asked Questions


The registration process can seem confusing. When you first set up an account, you do so as the head of a family. You can then add children whom you can register for classes. Also, when you click on the title of a course to see its description, note that there are three easy-to-miss tabs in the dark orange banner: Detail, Fees, and Schedule.

Day One

Students will sign in at the desk in the foyer before proceeding to class. Please make sure to sign them out when you pick them up. Parents are welcome to join students in the library where we will gather on the first day to meet the teachers. (Students who already know the drill are welcome to go ahead to where they need to be.)


Lunch is not provided. The diner is available as an eating space, and students will be supervised during this time. Ice and water are always available, and there is a refrigerator where students can store sack lunches.

Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up

The doors will open at 7:30 a.m. each morning and will close at 5:15 p.m. each afternoon. While waiting for pick-up, students will be supervized in the library. We are unable to provide supervision outside of regular operating hours.

4th of July

No classes will meet on Thursday, July 4 or Friday July 5.


The official policy for credit courses is that no more than three classes may be missed from a six-week course, and no more than two classes may be missed from a three-week course. Note that missing three days from a six week course means missing 10% of the course. In contrast, our policy during the regular academic year limits absences to roughly 5% of instruction days. Thus the summer policy is already relatively lax, so we do not normally make exceptions. You should contact the instructor directly if you have any special circumstances.

Transfer Credit

If you plan to request credit from another school for a summer course at Altamont, you should check with the other school as early as possible (i.e., well before classes start) to confirm that such credit will be granted upon successful completion of the course. We are happy to provide a letter with a full description of the course, including topics covered and hours met. We have no control over whether another school grants credit for a course taken at Altamont.

Financial Assistance

We are unable to provide financial assistance as a matter of course, primarily because we have no mechanism in place to ensure that such assistance is distributed fairly. We are, however, now able to provide payment plans, allowing the total amount to be paid in monthly installments. For details, email Josh Barnard.

Instructor Qualifications

All credit courses are taught by full-time Altamont faculty, as are the majority of non-credit courses. Teaching assistants are carefully chosen and closely supervised. All adults are subject to background checks before any instruction begins.

Altamont Summer 2019

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