Fall Project Week

For one week in October, Altamont’s doors swing open and the world becomes our classroom. A staple of the Altamont curriculum since the late 1990s, Fall Project Week (FPW) allows students to learn through experience. Recent trips have included community service in Birmingham, tours of colleges and universities in the Northeast, and trips to the Mississippi Delta, Chicago, Sweden, Rome, Texas, Savannah, Hawaii, Yosemite, San Francisco, France, Washington, D.C, Disney World, and the Grand Canyon! Because of COVID-19, we had the opportunity to re-examine the place FPW holds in our larger educational program. We have made some slight changes to FPW to allow for more meaningful experiential learning opportunities.

Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of the progress of the pandemic and with our commitment to community safety in mind, we have canceled FPW 2021.

Middle School Fall Project Week Trips

Upper School Fall Project Week Trips

Mary Hames Scholarship


A scholarship fund, named in honor of former Head of School Martin Hames’ mother, Mary Hames, provides help with expenses for students who might not otherwise be able to travel. Please click here for more information on the Mary Hames Fund and for the application.