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Fall Project Week

What is Fall Project Week?

Fall Project Week (FPW) is a dynamic program designed to enrich student experiences by providing unique and immersive learning opportunities that extend beyond the confines of conventional classrooms. During FPW, students and teachers embark on overnight grade-level trips, engaging in interactive experiences aligned with pillars of curriculum reinforcement, worldview expansion, life skills development, and community building with classmates and teachers. Fall Project Week is not just a week-long excursion; it is a transformative experience that leaves a lasting mark on our students and aligns with our broader mission of developing well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute positively to society.

Why is Fall Project Week Important?

Our mission is to graduate individuals who not only excel academically but also embody qualities of compassion, critical thinking, and creativity. By embracing experiential learning during FPW, we enable students to develop essential life skills, broaden their perspectives, and forge lasting connections with peers and teachers. These factors play a key role in the overall development of our students and ultimately help us fulfill our mission statement.

Fall Project Week Trip Pillars

All FPW trips and experiences are aligned with pillars of worldview expansion, life skills development, community building with classmates and teachers, and reinforcement of curriculum.

Expanding Worldview: Experiential learning outside the classroom is a powerful tool for expanding the worldview of our students. By exposing them to different environments, cultures, and real-world scenarios, Fall Project Week offers invaluable insights that go beyond textbook knowledge. This exposure enhances their understanding of global dynamics and fosters a sense of interconnectedness.

Life Skills Development: Fall Project Week serves as a platform for the practical application of essential life skills. Students learn to navigate major cities, manage their time effectively, take personal accountability for their actions, and develop social awareness of both their peers and the world around them. These skills are crucial for their personal and professional growth.

Building Community: Fall Project Week provides a distinct opportunity for students to forge new relationships and strengthen existing bonds within their class and with their teachers. The sense of community cultivated during Fall Project Week extends beyond the conclusion of the trip. As students return to their regular academic routines, the positive relationships and supportive atmosphere established during the trip contribute to a more cohesive class and, by extension, a more connected and harmonious student body.

Reinforcing Curriculum: Interactive experiences and activities during Fall Project Week are thoughtfully designed to reinforce the curriculum learned in previous or current grade levels while also allowing students to have fun. This hands-on approach allows students to apply academic concepts in real-world situations, deepen their understanding and appreciation for the material while also making lifelong memories with their classmates and teachers.

students stand on a bridge in Yosemite National Park