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Altamont debaters in grades 7-12 learn vitally important skills of research, critical thinking and persuasive public speaking.

From local tournaments to the national stage, the Altamont Debate Team represents not only a great school tradition, but also Altamont’s commitment to academic challenge. Debaters combine all the skills they have mastered in their classes to make strong cases for the issues they address. Judged on their knowledge, poise and effectiveness, they return to school with tournament honors and experience at some of the nation’s top debate hosts, including Harvard University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale University and Emory University, just to name a few.

Debaters and Chaperones Outdoors at Chicago Tournament

Altamont is a member of the National Speech and Debate Association, a competitive debate league and honor society.  Participating students earn merit points and are recognized with degree advancement from competition. Eligible seniors receive cords at graduation.

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Jim Sydnor

Jim Sydnor

Debate Coach

Students At National Debate Tournament