COVID-19 Distance Learning Plan

As a Microsoft School with a 1-to-1 laptop program, we are fortunate to have a robust infrastructure in place that made our transition from traditional to online learning a smooth one and that allows us to continue to pursue our mission of graduating compassionate, well-educated individuals.

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Distance Learning Teacher Spotlight

Alex Melonas

Alex Melonas has taught in the history department at Altamont for the past two years. Dr. Melonas’ classes are known for their seminar style—desks in a circle and students facing one another to engage in debate and discussion. When we left campus in March, he had to think through not only how to deliver an authentic “Melonas” classroom experience, but also how to tie what students were learning in history with what they were experiencing in real time.

Dr. Melonas says, “My goal during distance learning is to provide students with a framework that prompts them to ask the kinds of questions that help them explore the new ideas that have emerged in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Big, historical shocks [like COVID and the New Deal, which students were studying in class] open up possibilities for change.”

To deliver learning modules, Dr. Melonas uses a mixture of video lectures via PowerPoint, live meetups via Teams, a video blogging platform called VoiceThread, reflection essays, and the discussion board option on Haiku. His students have created video journals, which record “tangible, archivable historical accounts of their thoughts, reactions, experiences, fears, and concerns during this crisis.”

What does he miss most about school? “When students stay after class to talk…when I linger in the hall between classes just walking, listening to what others are teaching and learning, and generally enjoying the atmosphere at The Altamont School. All of that to say, I miss the human stuff the most.”

Distance Learning Schedule

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