Altamont enjoys a long tradition of excellence in the arts built on quality instruction in both middle and upper school. In their involvement in the vital humanizing sphere of the arts, Altamont students demonstrate the full engagement and commitment to the exploration in the visual and performing arts.

Through a rich offering of fine arts curriculum we encourage all Altamont students to explore and develop their talents and interests in music, theatre, visual arts and photography. We offer opportunities for further studies in AP courses, independent study and one-on-instruction. Whether a student is recording in the music recording studio, building sets in technical theater, working with clay or printmaking, and using computer skills in digital photography; the Altamont Arts program seeks to find a balance among the students’ busy schedules. Students can study in the broad genres of their choice, or hone in with eight years in one particular discipline.

Each year, students perform in main stage theatrical productions and winter and spring orchestral, jazz band and choral concerts. The fine art students enter a variety of competitions with adjudication of their work on state and national level. The theater productions have traveled to other places to perform, and the orchestra and choir have been invited to schools, events and the jazz band was asked to perform on a battleship.

Setting us apart from other Fine Arts programs is the ability to team teach, and the support and strength gained in complementing each other’s programs and interests in faculty member’s creative endeavors. We don’t see the Fine Arts as electives, but rather as vital to the core education of each student who uses the skills in an enriched arts curriculum as an integrated tool for learning in all other subjects.

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