Welcome alumni of Birmingham University School, Brooke Hill, and Altamont! As alumni, you represent a remarkable collection of approximately 2,600 people linked by shared experiences and the important formative influences of Altamont.

As graduates of B.U.S., Brooke Hill, and Altamont, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association. The Altamont Alumni Association offers a number of opportunities for alumni, along with family and friends, to reunite and to connect new alumni with each other and with the School.

So stop by and visit the school, or better yet, get involved with us! The Altamont Alumni Association welcomes you.

Altamont Alumni Association Board

President: Chris Nicholson '99
Vice President: Leigh Sloss-Corra '76
Secretary: Heather Alby Arceneaux '87
Treasurer: Burton Dunn '90

Heather Alby Arceneaux '87, Buck Crowe '00, Kat Drennen '98, Hube Dodd '91, Burton Dunn '90, Cathleen Elliott Ellington '97, Priscilla Fowler '89, Jack Gray '03, Cooper Green '75, Leeth Grissom '86, Terry Hamilton '65, Sam Haskell '96, Liz Hawley Hodges '70, Linda Diethelm Holman '71, Anna Johns '05, Daniel Jones '99, Lynn Joseph '61, Steve Kelly '94, Glenn Kinstler '90, Cece Lacey '08, Katie Baker Lasker '76, Sandra Lynn '78, Brooks Marks '96, Laura McCraney '07, George Moreno '84, Juan Carlos Moreno '86, Ashley Morris '93, William Morrow '89, Biddy Ager Osbun '65, Ralph Patton*, Andrew Pharo '93, Ian Philips '02, Jay Pigford '89, Virginia Rushton '08, Carolyn Satterfield '60, Leigh Sloss-Corra '76, Carolyn Smallwood*, Chris Thomas '90, Chance Turner '89, Anne Robinson Vrocher '67, Penny Whiteside*, Sarah Whiteside*.

*Honorary Alumni


Margaret Whiteside
Director of Alumni Relations
(205) 874-3502